She’s depressed

She’s the girl with the bulging tummy after all

The girl with the flat chest and unshaped eyebrows

No, they wouldn’t let her sit with them

‘You’re no slay queen’ they’ll say

‘You don’t belong here’, they’ll spit out

But here’s what she tells them

It’s way more than you see

I’m more than you’ll ever be

You might have got the implants but I make the impacts

It doesn’t matter what you think of me

However I remind her

What people see outside kind of matters

Your composition should have a say in your presentation

Don’t act so melancholic

Go out and dress good for you

Yes, they get the compliments but you’ve got the complements

So sweet lady

Enough of the pity party

Get out there and prove your worth

Not by words but by your actions

No one’s got the right to talk you down

They do so only because you let them to

They’re simply jealous of what you’ve got

So with your chin up and shoulders high

Act like you rule the world cos one day you will…
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