So I graduated from high school about 3 years ago but whenever I see a picture, a reminder of how it all went, the wonderful people I met, the blissful friendships I had, the things I did both cool and crazy, I still get all teary eyed and miss them so bad.

Some times I feel it’s so childish of me and a tad immature considering it’s been a couple of years already with everyone off with their lives all across the globe, some names became mere contact lists, best friends become casual acquaintances…

But again, if growing up means not being ale to reminisce and get all mushy about these things , shedding a tear or two then I’d rather be forever young.

If growing up means not being able to act silly one or two times to dull the ache I feel inside then I’d rather be forever young.

If growing up means I’m not allowed to check on old friends with fear of being unwanted then I’d rather be forever young

If growing up means I’ll constantly have to worry about tomorrow and act serious all the time then I’d rather be forever young

Cos it seems being forever young is the only way I’ll get to live like I ought to…

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Comments to: FOREVER YOUNG
  • May 10, 2017

    lovely writeup.
    very real fact. .
    got me smiling all along.

    thumbs up writer.

  • May 15, 2017

    Nice write up sis..


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