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Quotes_Creator_20170530_143026.pngHi there! So I’d like you to do something real quick, take a minute or two to list the 5 five most important people you have in your life, both friends and family. Done that? Good. So next, pick one of them and imagine loosing them to one thing or the other [ crazy, I know, just try ] now pick the next and the next and the next and do the same thing. How would you feel if you lost the 5 top people in your life? Distraught? disheartened? dead? destroyed? or something similar to the aforementioned emotions above.

Hold on for a minute though, before you start asking yourself what kind of sadist wrote this, I’d like to point your attention to something. Do you know NO ONE is IRREPLACEABLE? And yes, not your parents, not your bffs, not your mentor, not even you! Come on, there are people this world surviving, some with no parents, some no friends and so on.  If something happened to those very important people you have, accept it or not, you’ll still survive one way or the other.

So even as you appreciate the good people in your life and feel you’ll do anything for those that you love whether they deserve it or not, whether it is reciprocated or not be careful not to worship them because trust me when I say you’ll still live without them. The ONLY irreplaceable one is God so please do well to place your priorities right.


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