1. Motivation


Quotes_Creator_20170605_112446Hello, apologies for the delay in posting this later part on our previous topic. So back to the matter now, of  course you’re special, unique, one of a kind BUT are you irreplaceable? Sorry, the answer is NO. You’re not irreplaceable and neither am I, the truth is no one is{except God that is}

When one realizes he’s quite good at a particular skill, trade or has this exceptional talent and promising potentials, if not careful pride could stick it’s ugly head in ,deceiving the individual into thinking he’s irreplaceable and then he begins to boast all around and ‘makes himself scarce’ but the truth is no matter how useful or ‘indispensable’ one appears to be perphaps in his workplace, family, group of friends, everyone is still replaceable

You know, I’ve always heard people say the richest place in the world is the graveyard which is very true because a whole lot of people die without fulfilling their potentials, achieving their dreams, without maximizing their God given gifts and talent{quite unfortunate isn’t it?}. As Sir Wilfred T. Grenfell once said , the service we render to others  is really the rent we pay for our room on this earth.

So you have something tangible to offer? Doesn’t have to be a really big thingy, could be a skill that’ll help people around you, could be an idea that’ll help the world as a whole. Enough of being silly about it, do what you can with it while you still can because if you don’t sooner or later someone else will and then the ‘had I known’ lamentations begins…

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