IMG_20170727_122949_509The stars disappeared,

The moonlight got dimer,

The nights got darker,

Not because they wanted to,

But you made it so.

The grounds got wobbly,

The trees stopped dancing,

The birds stopped singing,

Not because they wanted to

But you made it so.

Summer got harsher,

The sun burned harder,

The flowers withered faster,

Not because you wanted to,

But you made it so.

And now my love is breaking,

My life turned colourless,

My tears flowed faultless,

Not because they wanted to,

But you made it so.

Deep down I’m killing myself,

You did make it so but only because I gave you the power to..
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Comments to: Made it so
  • July 27, 2017

    only because, i gave you the power to…. Deep sturvs.


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