Time silently stood still,

In awe of tenebrous welkin,

As the chilly west zephyr hits my soul,

Silence of the night penetrated by the melancholic cry of the owl,

Falling into the rhythmic darkness, we seek the orb of the gods and await good tidings.


Save mama from this curse, save her from agony,

Words cannot limn her inexplicable dolour ,

As she travails at a corner,

Papa is probably in topes,

At Jegede’s joint, soaking his sorrows in good alcohol.


Will you stay alive if I vacate my bamboo bed for you?

I dreamt of us walking,

In a drift at Abeni forest and swirling around like fireflies,

With Ilaro river reaching our bare feet.


Nights like these I long for a piece of light, a peace of mind,

A silver of moon to gleam in the gloom,

And you Abiku, an end to Mama’s long suffering.


The midwives imbrue hands with no infant cry left me impuissant,

Hardly could I inly inhume my ire

Here they come,

This perfidious and whited sepulcher,

ready to call my mama a witch again.


Another screaming soul in unmarked grave

Another cold smiling ghost


If life is harsh to you

Then let death be kind…

By-  Olawale Babatunde

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