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One can only wear I mask for so long,

So they say but I think it’s all wrong,

Life is a stage I’ve learnt,

And we’re all performers wanting to be heard,

Just like a regular show,

The costumes change,

The sets change,

But again it’s all one grand stage

You wear a mask when you greet the friend on the street,

You wear another when you talk to the teacher about the script,

Yet another while talking to the parents,

Of course another while talking to the mirror,

Each time at every point,

There’s a mask on ,

For different reasons I must say,

To hide the pain,

To show the ‘joy’,

To please others,

To deceive yourself,

But here’s the underlying question,

Who is the real you?

Is it all pretense?

Or just part of the show?

Is each mask a piece of you?

Or just a covering of the ‘real’ you?

Knowing who you are ,

This comes first before going by this,

You wear a mask for so long,

You forget who you are beneath,

So friend,

Who are you?

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Comments to: Mask
  • January 25, 2018

    It gets a little hard sometimes to embrace the “real” Me, you know. I guess that’s what birthed inferiority complex and all its disadvantages.
    Wonderful piece tho.

    • January 25, 2018

      True I get but the first step in changing what one doesn’t like to be better is actually acknowledging it. Thanks for reading


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