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It’s just few days left in this year and here are some quick reminders to take note of even as you do a review of this year and how it all went down –

  1. Little things matter too – Most people if not all started the year with a list of resolutions, projects to commence, aims to achieve, records to break and the likes, looking back to the list now, disappointment might set in if not all of those goals were reached but here’s to remind you that the little things you did mattered too, even if you probably didn’t reach the set milestone, loose or gain the wanted amount of weight, build the dream house or buy the wanted car, regardless, the money you saved counts, the seemingly ‘little’ achievements counts.
  2. Appearances could be deceiving –  Even as you relax going through your social media posts, instagram, facebook, twitter feeds, whichever it is, dear friend, don’t take everything you see to heart, before you get jealous or miserable that someone ‘fared better than you’ be sure to remember than not everything you see is genuine.
  3. Everything happens for a reason-  Of course not everything turned out exactly the way you wanted it to but no matter how cliche it might sound, everything – good or bad-  truly happens for a reason, this could be as a result of past actions, negligence, future purposes, sometimes we can’t tell why things happen the way we do but there’s always a reason for it and I think it’s just amazing how it works out in the end.
  4. Every person mattered- Through out the year, some relationships ended just as new ones were birthed. Every single person mattered, whether it was as serious as to help build you, encourage you or simple as put a smile on your face for just a day. The seemingly bad people taught you lessons, made you stronger.
  5.  The grass probably looks greener on the other side because you didn’t tend to yours- Maybe someone appears to look better because you spent too much time worrying about that other people were doing with their time.


P.S – Thanks for reading! If you liked, don’t forget to share and remind others too. Expect the next five soon!
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