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So it’s finally a new year, a new page, a fresh start. Different people sharing how and why you should make your new year resolutions- pen them down, be consistent, tell someone about it and different helpful tactics. 2017 happened to be a very good year for me, but one word that’s been resounding in my mind is better. I feel regardless of the resolutions I’ve made, goals I’m setting out to achieve, the most important thing is to be a better version of myself because ironically, a new date in a new year doesn’t mean any magical transformation of being a different person, as the new year, the new month and each new day starts I wouldn’t supernaturally start doing all the amazing things I want if I don’t actually make conscious efforts. I’m not in any way against making new year resolutions, on the contrary, I believe they could be very helpful to point one in the right direction but it’s not all about writing them down, it’s about having a committed mindset and taking conscious efforts.

There’s a big difference between living and merely existing but again, it’s another thing to be actually conscious as we’re living.

  • Be more conscious of the things going on around you, be more conscious of each and every person, not so you can compare and contrast lives, not so you can get jealous or miserable but so you can learn.
  • Be more conscious about the success stories in the media, not so you can do a creepy cyber stalking of the person but again, so you can learn.
  • Be more conscious of that small mistake you made, be more conscious of that little change you carelessly lost, be more conscious about that not so wise decision you made, not so you can beat yourself up about it or wallow in self pity but so you wouldn’t repeat the same mistake, so you’d prove not to anybody but to yourself that you’re better and stronger than that mistake, that temptation or whatever it is.

Truth is if we don’t actually make conscious efforts to be better people then the new year would simply be a repetition of the last if not worse, remember mistakes become regrets only when you refuse to learn from them- unknown

Cheers to 2018, to a better year, a better me and a better you. I don’t write much about myself but maybe just maybe that would change this year. Thanks for reading, don’t forget to like, share and of course drop your comments. Again, Happy New Year folks. Much love
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Comments to: Happy New Year
  • January 4, 2018

    Good job girl!👍😍
    Consciousness is added to my new year resolutions😆

  • February 2, 2018

    Awesome job girl… eagerly waiting for newer posts!!

    • February 2, 2018

      Aww Thanks a lot Nidhi! Would be posting pretty soon


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