Hello fam, so all of this happened a couple of months ago and I have no idea why I didn’t share it then but since it’s here now, grab your popcorn and drinks 😀

It was a beautiful morning on a wonderful day, nah, scratch that,it was the afternoon of a normal day, wonderful nonetheless, I was done with my classes for the day at school and unlike other days, my beloved uncle couldn’t come pick me up as he was quite busy at work, so being the wonderful person he is, he sent our private jet to come pick me up, err not exactly, he ordered a Lyft (provides services just like Uber).  Before I go on, let me add that this was during my first week of classes and I was barely two weeks old in the US.

My driver was this pretty chill young dude and we made small talks here and there and were having this nice conversation about something I cannot remember until he suddenly stopped right when we were exiting the highway and of course I was confused and had all sorts of questions, does he need to take a piss? did he have a mini heart attack? why did we stop??  But lo and behold friends, he actually ran out of gas!

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Yes, so here we are, stuck at the highway exit with no gas station in sight and other vehicles racing by. He’s pacing, cussing at himself and apologizing repeatedly and I’m like, “okay, what now?” Then something happens, a car pulls over and this man steps out…

I’d tell you what happened but again I’d like for you to wait a little bit.


Stay tuned and keep an eye out for the next part. Thanks

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