Hi! So I’m finally back, sorry for the delay and again thanks for coming back, if you haven’t read Story (B), you’d have to for this to make sense. With that being said…

Like I said, I sat in the front passenger seat this time with mystery man and we start our journey. The man was really nice, asked where I was coming from and was absolutely disappointed in the Lyft driver who was so careless and paid no attention to his fuel tank beforehand. As I mentioned previously, it was still my second week in the US and first at school, my uncle had been picking me up and I pretty much had an idea of the route we take home each day so I was sure of one thing – I had no idea of the route we were on and it was definitely not the one my uncle had been taking. Here he is, being all nice and polite, trying to make small talks, I was replying him but on the side I was having a mini panic attack, just kidding, wasn’t that serious but for real I still had a lot going on in my mind “Had I outdone myself this time with my everyone is somewhat good mantra?” “had I acted in faith or sheer stupidity? I mean, who hops into the car with a stranger just like that?

So we’re still talking and I ask if he’s a Christian, he says yes and man you wouldn’t believe what he said next, he said as he was driving and sighted our car ahead, the Holy Spirit told him to stop and check what’s up, I can’t explain to you how I felt at that moment or maybe I’ll try, felt like a newly wed wife who just got a romantic gift from her husband, I mean, there I was stuck in that car and probably hadn’t said any word of prayer when the Holy Spirit ministered to someone that’ll be of help. I took that as my reassurance that even if I was in a new place, I wasn’t alone and would never be and I just felt so thrilled. Told him I was a Christian too and he was glad he listened and stopped. We had a nice conversation and turned out he was just taking one of the many routes that leads to my house and he did take me home safely.

End of story 😀 Moral lesson- next time you get an incline to do something unusual but good, do it! it might not be for you but for someone else. Oh and also, always check our fuel tank before driving.  Thanks for reading!

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And please do well to drop your comments. Have ever been in a situation where the aftermath only proved to be a reassurance for something? Comment below! I do look forward to reading them. 😀


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