1. Poetry

Ruled by the clock

What is time but a passing fleet?
What is the past if it no longer exists?
What is the future if it doesn’t exist yet?
And the present,
Of what value is it if it diminishes by every second?
It was a long time, they say,
It would be a long time you say,
But what exactly is time?
Is it the movement or the earth
Or the ticking of the clock?
Or simply a mystery yet to be unlocked?
It happened at the wrong time they say,
I’m waiting for the right time you say,
But again, I ask,
What is time but a passing moment?
Wherever you have, just fill in the gap.
we cannot see it and cannot hold it,
It passes by and quickly out of sight,
Can’t save it when needed, wish it was deeded,
Perhaps you’ll remember those bygone days?
Passing by for many years,
It bring on some smiles and some tears.
if you could take in a notch, and turn back the watch,
maybe you’ll find what was left behind and see it not worth the bereft.
So I ask,
What is life without time?
Death i conclude,
and what is time without life?
still Time you construed.
I hope it save to say that
We are being ruled by the clock.

Composed by Conversehouse and Walker

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Comments to: Ruled by the clock
  • March 2, 2018

    This is really good.. Keep it up love 😍…also make sure the place of making sure it rhymes doesn’t overwhelm the actual message….. But this is lovely.. Nice one💃💃💃💃

  • March 14, 2018

    I have just two words, “wonderful piece”.


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