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What to do with your past?


    Riddle me this, what’s the one thing that’s behind you but can still stand in your way? That’s right, your past. It’s very easy to slip into this inviting hole of living in the past consciously or not. You see, the past could be a really wonderful place or a terrible one depending on what happened but there’s just one tiny problem, it’s PAST, doesn’t exist anymore, only in memories. You could decide to live in the bliss of past success, or dwell in the regrets of past actions, both situations have a common result – you get stuck!

Living in past glory isn’t worth anything. Yes, it’s easy to compromise because you had the best grades last semester or you achieved that feat you wanted last month or you lived in that realm you’ve always desired, all of this which are of course great would only get you lazy, proud, nonchalant and you’re the one that loses at the end of the day.  You’d end up making excuses for your faults “at least I made it last time” “at least I got better than Miss X last test” , if only we could live in the past uhn? pity it’s impossible, it ceases to exist right from the moment it happened.

How about past ‘mistakes’ and ‘regrets’? The dumb things you did when you didn’t know any better, how much of a fool you made of yourself in that public setting, whatever it was, let me share a story I read a while back (with some tweaking of course). This random dude whom neither of us know was trying to cheer up his sister who was brooding over something again, neither of us know, so he decides to crack a joke, it was apparently a funny one because he did get her laughing but again, he must have been a really weird guy because he kept repeating the same joke and with each turn she’d laugh less until she got frustrated and broke his head. Okay, maybe that didn’t happen, he asked why she stopped laughing and duhr, she said because it’s the same joke and she’s tired of hearing it and boom! brother says “that’s what I’m trying to show you, if you won’t laugh over and over again at the same joke then why do you cry and brood over the same issue that’s already bygone” (did someone just go awww? Cos I definitely heard it 😉😉😉 ) so end of story and they lived happily ever after. Just as it isn’t worth it living in past successes, neither is it to live in past mistakes. I know I haven’t answered the question posed in the title yet but I will in my next post. Thanks for reading! And I’m so sorry for the hiatus. Lots of love😘😘😘

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Comments to: What to do with your past?
  • April 6, 2018

    Nice one dear. keep it up

  • April 6, 2018

    Thumbs up👍

  • April 6, 2018

    Thumbs up 👍

  • April 6, 2018

    Hmm… Yeah… Was expecting “forget about it” to be the “what to do with your past”,like I’ve always heard pple say… But, the way you just explained that all I need do Is just “lerrit be what it actually is (PAST)”, each time I unavoidably remember it, is just amazing!…
    I sooo needed to read this…
    Thanks much😊…

  • April 6, 2018

    Nice one dear..ii totally agree, living/dwelling in our past glories most times make us Confort our incapacity with excuses. kudos


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