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What to do with your past

Hi there! Thanks for coming back. So starting from where we stopped, we’ve established the fact that it’s not worth it living in past glory neither is it worth it brooding over past failure so then the big question, what do you do with your past?


  1. Accept it- If only we could actually forget our past like everyone says to but the truth is we can’t, we’re humans, with a functional memory, it’s almost impossible to forget the past especially if it was something emotional, memorable or heartbreaking. You can’t just ignore what has happened but in other to move on and even become a better person, you’d have to accept whatever had happened. Accept that past success as a starting point, accept the past failure as a starting point too.

2.Learn from it- This is something everyone has heard before at one point or the other you have to learn from your past- but here’s one thing, it requires conscious efforts. You’d have to make efforts to highlight what helped you succeed the last time or what made you fail. It’s like writing exams, you developed a study plan for the last one and ended up with a 95% which of course is a great score, looking back at that, you could find ways to adjust how and what you studied to become better and get a better score next time. And as for mistakes, John Cena once said “if you don’t learn from your mistakes, they become regrets”. We make mistakes in order to learn from them.

3. Grow from it-  The past should be a reference point, not in a bad way but a good one. Your past success should serve as a means of inspiration for you not as a means to gloat around but if you were good enough to make it last time, then you can definitely do it again. Past failure, experiences and hurts should also be a means of motivation, they should be a source of strength for you. Surely if you went through those terrible things and you’re still here today then they do not define who you are, they strengthen you to be who you want to be. With relationships with people, one has to understand and accept the fact that, there’s a lesson to be learnt in each and every one no matter how good or bad, one has to pick those lessons and grow from them.

Nothing can be done to change the past but again nothing stops you from using it to your advantage…

Again, thanks for reading and do well to drop your comments, would love to read your thoughts!

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