Entree #1

Dear Dairy,

The D-Day is finally here! It’s move-in day to Bright Futures High School, I finally graduated Junior Secondary School, with distinction I might add and was now heading on to Senior Secondary School in the most coveted boarding school of all time. A little history first, Bright Futures had always been the dream school of all and sundry, parents motivated their kids to study harder in order to get accepted, the students themselves competed with their peers ever so diligently, because you see, only 5 students from each school in a Local Government were chosen to attend BFHS for the remaining 3 years of their secondary education. There wasn’t even an entrance exam, each school had to present records of their best students each year, then factors like their grades, punctuality, behavior, skills and talents were taken into consideration. You see, I had always been the good kid, had a perfect attendance record, never got into fights, pretty talented in painting and not to blow my horn but well loved by all too, therefore, it really was no surprise I was chosen, that didn’t mean I was any less excited when the news came in though, I had dreamt about the moment for so long.

Trust me when I say I wasn’t disappointed finally getting there. Beautiful flowers arrayed the magnificence of the surrounding, they had some of the tallest buildings I had ever seen painted with the clearest shade of white which left me wondering how they managed to keep them so neat, the buzz of excitement filled the air as students said their goodbyes to families. After my parents and I transferred my belongings to hostel I’d be staying, we said our goodbyes with tears in our eyes, as much as I was excited to be in BFHS, I knew I’d miss my parents very much and being the only child, they’d surely miss me too hence the new diary as a gift. BFHS students were allowed to go home just once in a school year as they had various self empowerment programs of which participation was mandated but of course, families were welcome to visit at certain stipulated times. I’m to share a room with 3 other girls, one is a new student like me and the other two are returning students that is,seniors. I can’t wait to meet them and tell you all about it 😀

Till then…

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