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To cry or to not?…

So my close friends know I’m a crybaby and I can’t even deny it. Not necessarily crying because a movie scene was so sweet or because someone’s proposal was very romantic, (absolutely nothing wrong with these) I mean crying based on how I feel. Usually crying is my go to coping mechanism when I don’t feel great, when I’m sad, frustrated, stressed or angry, I don’t hesitate to cry it out.

There has been a lot of times something happened and I’d just find somewhere to cry it out, pray about it and move on with my day. The last time this happened, I was at school and received a sad news, was really really devastated and I legit sat down out there in public, cried my eyes out, prayed then cleaned up and went about my day because “I cannot come and go and kill myself” (if confused by this seemingly meaningless statement, don’t worry, my people understand 😉) It’s not like I like crying or it’s a weird hobby or whatever but do I shy away from it? No and do I actually feel better after I cry? Heck yes. It really gives me a clearer mind, truly is self soothing.

Now in today’s world, crying isn’t exactly the prettiest or most acceptable thing to do but note that I’m not talking about crying to manipulate others or crying to play the victim or for any other sinister purpose, I mean crying to feel.

I understand everyone has different go-to coping mechanism (however you definitely don’t want it to be something unhealthy or harmful) so I want us to converse on this, then I can pick it back up in next week’s post. So tell me

What’s your view on crying?

How often do you cry? (I mean this in the least creepy way possible, I promise)

If you’re one of those that detests it, mind sharing why?

Do you see crying as a form of weakness?

What’s your go-to coping mechanism?

Thank you for reading!

Looking forward to seeing your views, don’t forget to share. Thank you!

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Comments to: To cry or to not?…
  • May 27, 2019

    Lol… I understand that part; we can’t come and kill ourselves on top crying 😁

    I think crying is a form of expressing emotions. It’s not only the only form of expressing emotions and people have different ways of expressing emotions.

    Personally, crying does not come easily for me.. I guess the last time I cried was on October 2017 and actually something terrible happened and at that time, I didn’t actually cry but I was crying within myself because I didn’t even had time to really cry, I was too busy encouraging other people, standing up to responsibilities so that things would run smoothly until all the paparazzi was over… Even after it all, I still couldn’t really cry, I tried but it just was not coming. Maybe because over my childhood and teenage years, I’ve grown used to suppressing my emotions because circumstances demanded it then. So till date, I don’t know how to really cry, or I should say, I don’t express emotions that easily, whatever any way, I have them but it’s difficult to express them, with this crying would be a luxury for me oh.

    Still, I know it’s normal for people to cry but I still don’t get it when people cry over some things.. Why can’t they just pray, think about the situation again and then make a decision going forward.. Crying does not change a thing, maybe it does something to those who engage in it, but I see it as a luxury I can’t pay for, it’s too expensive, time wasting, and consumes a lot of emotional resources.

  • May 27, 2019

    Hm I do agree people have different ways of expressing emotions and true, sometimes we’re raised, especially the male child, to learn to suppress emotions and ‘be strong’. But I really don’t belive crying is a form of weakness or a waste of time. I see it as a way for me to purge out my emotions, clear my mind and then know what to do. All in all, I believe it’s one of the many healthy ways to express feelings and shouldn’t be seen as a form of weakness. Thank you so much for your response!

  • May 27, 2019

    I could cry for tomorrow starting from today..
    I cry too and it doesn’t mean I am weak, never for once saw it as a weakness..
    Other ways by which I express my emotion is in sketches and other times a really loud scream that leaves me empty..

    Then I can now settle to pray..

    No one should ever bottle up tears, it definitely isn’t healthy..

    • May 27, 2019

      I think it’s lovely you can express yourself through your sketches
      “No one should bottle up tears” 👌👌true. Thank you for sharing!

    • May 28, 2019

      Hmmm crying.. Though I cry a lot, but not that people would see or know, am very emotional, so movies make me cry or when am very angry or hurt. Its one of my ways of just pushing it out… For how often I cry, very often oo, kinda watch movies a lot so any emotional scene like this, those tears don’t negotiate at all, it just drops.. I don’t see crying as a from of weakness, though behind most of the sweet smiling, strong looking faces you see, there are some corner crying… Must people cry, but don’t cry out so as not to be tagged weak… For me I cry cos meehn am human and my tears don’t negotiate at all with me, but they really do corporate in public..

      • May 29, 2019

        That’s nice. Oddly, not a lot of guys can admit that. It’s quite unfortunate for crying to be tagged as weak. You’re lucky your tears corporate in public, I know someone that broke down walking on the road 😂
        Thanks for sharing!

  • May 28, 2019

    I don’t cry when I am sad or bothered, just stay away from everyone and think about the issue, then pray

    • May 28, 2019

      Praying is definitely helpful. Thanks for sharing dad

  • May 28, 2019

    You could call me a cry baby too,lol.. as silly and baby~ish and embarrassing as it seem to some people, it helps me shed some emotional weight. I feel sorry for myself, hug myself and reflect on the preceding incidence, many times I see a little more clearly and in those moments when I feel alone with my tears, I talk to Abba and peace, understanding and forgiveness is a blessing He leaves me with. I also cry very much when I’m sharing deep things with Abba( this is very much a sign of trust and strength)

    I really do not think crying is a waste of time.

    I’ve come to understand that people would barely understand if they are not the cry-baby type but I’ll leave an advice, do not judge anyone that isn’t like you(creepish)#lol…as stupid or whatever, it simply is part of their coping mechanism.

    Thanks Dee for sharing, you are amazing!!

    • May 28, 2019

      True! It does help me shed emotional weight like you said and that peace from Abba after prayer, just unexplainable. Thank you for sharing! 💞

  • May 30, 2019

    Speaking strictly about myself.. I’d say that in situations where emotional outburst could happen… I think its best crying shouldn’t be done in public show.. Can seclude yourself and cry but only if that is what would help you reason better aftermath.. Cause at every moment I believe you have to show strength, as much as you can.. Crying in public could be a show of weakness and invitation to watchers waiting to pounce on.. Like I said you can cry, but for me, I can’t remember the last time I did that though ,see it as not necessary, instead spend the time thinking about how you got in that position, how not to find yourself there again and also the best steps to take for progress…. Sit up, strategize., apply critical thinking … Save you strength… For emotional outburst, go to God.. Poor out your heart, its why the Bible instructed us to pray, and there’s the peace of God that surpasses all understand that would be there to keep you..

    • May 31, 2019

      I see your point about crying being perceived as a show of weakness making one vulnerable to others and that’s quite sad. It’s definitely helpful however to sit up, strategize and think, sometimes though, one just wants to take a break from all of forms of logic and purge out the emotions. Thanks for sharing!


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