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What are you seeing?

So I recently changed my glasses with new prescriptions and all. I don’t know if anyone else can relate but that feeling of putting them on for the first time was amaaaaazing, like my eyes had been born again 😂. In a flash, everything was clearer, much more beautiful and I couldn’t believe I had been missing out on all of that before I had them. All was great, until I looked down and tried to walk, alas ladies and gentlemen, the straight paths had been made crooked 😳 or so it felt. The ground looked really weird and I felt like I was legit going to fall any minute.

Turned out, since I was wearing new lens and a different one for each eye, I needed some time to adjust to and balance both prescriptions. In the mean time, I had to figure out how to walk without failing since simple walking was now like dealing with hills and valleys. The floor looked higher and I felt taller (not that I’m short or anything like that, I promise I’m not but that’s not the point here), what I’m trying to emphasize in all of this is how what I was seeing really affected how I felt.

The floor was the same, it wasn’t higher or worse than it was the second before I wore the glasses but the fact that it looked so different made me feel so unbalanced too hence my feeling of falling. I’ve been wearing the glasses more often now and slowly but surely, my eyes are getting accustomed to them and walking, thankfully, isn’t so difficult anymore.

I feel like this applies to life too, what you see around you eventually determines how you feel and how you perceive things. There are a thousand and one things going on all over at once but whatever it is you choose to focus on ultimately affects your perspective. You meet different people everyday and what you choose to see in them determines your relationships, do you outright see and point out their flaws and weakness? Do you immediately judge them for the actions and decisions they make regardless of the situation? Or do you choose to see the good in them? Not necessarily ignoring their flaws but accepting they’re imperfect humans like you? Whatever your choice might be, remember you decide what you see and focus on and that decides your outlook on life so make the right choice. In the meantime, I’ll be here enjoying my new look and drinking my hollandia yoghurt.

Thanks for reading. Do well to comment your thoughts below, it’s always a pleasure reading them.

Until next time,

Your favorite nerdy looking writer 😘

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Comments to: What are you seeing?
  • July 22, 2019

    Lol… I love this.

  • July 22, 2019

    Well my pastor once taught that whatever you put your focus on magnifies
    You put your eyes on the flaws boom they’re bigger than they actually are
    You put your attention on the positive it’s magnified
    Thank you for the lovely write up ma


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