“Be still and know that the Lord is in control; be still my soul, stand and watch see giants fall. I won’t be afraid for HE won’t let go, be still my heart and know, I won’t be afraid… Show me love and mercy [LORD], your peace and kindness will follow me…” are the lyrics of a song from a popular gospel band. Imagine the worst-case scenarios – You’ve been given a deadline to move out of your apartment by the bank and have absolutely nowhere to go or the method to conjure the money. You’re devastated and have other pressing issues that even when you try real hard, they can’t be put away. You’re frustrated to the core because you’re scared and are out of options… or is it the fact that you’ve been fighting that traumatic event that has really done a number on you. You wanna tell somebody or probably have even told someone but it still hurts so badly. The recurring images that envelope your subconscious over time give you sleepless nights and extreme headaches. You’ve lost your appetite for fun and other usual activities you’d normally do…

Maybe it’s the fact that the closest person to your heart has been diagnosed with that crazily dangerous terminal illness and has what, not-so-many years to live?

Whatever hurt you feel, whatever pain, no matter how sad and impossible it may seem, no matter how heart-wrenching it feels, you may be at that point where your flailing heart can’t take it anymore, this isn’t some magical write up that automatically has the ability to switch such pains into the happiness you so much crave or some religious post, this is just to tell you that you’re not alone in the midst of all your troubles. God’s love, even at the weirdest moments or the oddest, most painful instances is still as fresh as the fraction of the second he released it to humanity. If we continue to wallow in the mire of doubts and waltz in worries and extreme pains, we’d but lose it the more __ Ever been so late for a class, or an event that no matter how fast you speed through whatever activity that’s been engaging you, you’d still arrive not any second later than the time stipulated for being “late”? In such instances, one should just take his sweet time and do everything with moderate hastiness so as to not forget the most detailed thing to do __ the same attitude should be employed towards any circumstance you find yourself. You’ve gone through such horrific, excruciating pain and life seems to be worthless and dreary. You can almost taste and at all instances, feel the vapid, bleak memories that have shaped your mind into that lifeless way it feels… Dearly beloved, all that’s needed in a world of chaos and turbulence is Peace and happiness. Amazingly, God doesn’t just propose a new life, he begs you to “come” to him because he’s seen and is seeing your daily traipse in those burdens; He wants to give you REST (Matthew 11:28).

Coming to God is a conscious effort. What does it take you? Nothing! You have nothing to lose because you’re not gonna pay anyone or even leave your spot or even do anything extra. A genuine trial of these has lifted hundreds of thousands of people from the dungeon of despair into a new, far better state. Just, in your own words, reach out into the farthest part of your heart and ask Jesus to help you. He hurts to see you, so beautiful and lovely a person, go through such. Just mutter or mouth the words of your choice as your heart wills and ask Jesus for his grace to be lifted through. Jesus has made so many vows and promises to be there for us, so why don’t you just try asking him. Tell him you need him now that things and people have failed you. He’d bring new wine out of you, I guarantee that. Yield to him and listen to him through your own heart.

It is also pertinent to note that there’s absolutely nothing in being your own cheerleader.  Do things that you loved to do. Eat that taco or that pizza or french-fries that used to smear a smile on your face. Visit the movies or return to that morning jog that helps you feel alive again. No, everything doesn’t seem to have changed, but it will definitely change. You’re not who you do not see yourself as. Whatever you vividly envision and desire ardently, will inevitably happen. You’re you, but a different you. Smile, Live, Love, and Smile again.

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