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Cw Universe Goofed Crisis On Infinite Earth

The CW universe writers have continued to disappoint in their cross over series. This particular one was a huge let down because they had a higher addition of cast from various series and still managed to put out a below-par cross-over.

Crisis on Infinite Earth was highly anticipated because of the hype, it featured casts from Supergirl, Arrow, Batwoman, Black Lightning, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow. This cross over was the final one in which Arrow will take part in (Spoiler Alert) as he died in it which marks the end of an amazing eight seasons of pure action.

The Pilot of the 5 episodes showdown which started with Supergirl started well, the crisis series was well built up. Action-packed with everything building up nicely.

Arrow took on us on an emotional roller coaster with the sacrifice and death of Oliver Queen. But it all went downhill from there. With Flash attempting to bring Oliver back to life and the return of Lex Luther as one of the main characters in this series was highly unnecessary.

I won’t talk about the amateur fighting scenes, but that has been going on in the recent seasons of the universe, they did better in their earlier season. I liked the infusion of Black Lightning, he was given a crucial but calm role and eased into the cross over.

In the final cross-over episode, they confirmed the death of Oliver Queen, the final fight scene with ‘The Anti-Monitor’ was amateurish at best. The ending changed the timeline completely which brought all the heroes to the same Earth.

All the stories in their individual episodes picked up from where they stopped but the realities have changed with only the heroes knowing what changes happened. All stories have changed and it will be nice to see what happens next.

The final cross-over episode showed the emergence of Star Girl, The Doom Patrol, Green Lantern. Star Girl is set to premier this year, with the season 2 of Doom Patrol airing this year also. No news on a possible series remake of Green Lantern but I am sure it is works.

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