Someone said the word “Fear” probably stands for “False Experiences Appearing Real” and since I heard that, I felt there are not much truer words that succinctly define the word. Well, oftentimes, there are actual threats or danger that are being induced by some things or even some people, but in our minds, fear slowly but vehemently creeps in and escalates the actual situation. The mind is a powerful place and what you feel can affect you in a powerful way; our thoughts and actions are preconceived in there and they mostly make up for who we are. Ever heard of the popular saying “You’re what you think?” – This simply implies that whatever your mind accepts and believes would mostly what you would act on. If you write yourself off, you’d always find a way to cut off yourself and murder faith in yourself.

Fear also arises from past occurrences – trauma, disappointments, embarrassments and even sometimes, successes. Many people have to learn to keep the important things important. The past is all in the past; we can only but forge ahead and make a better life and opportunity for ourselves. As hard as it may poise itself, if we do not depart from the shadows of the negativities of our past, we’d be giving a lot of chances to lack of self-development, limitation to do exploits and other possibilities of growth and achievements. Over-dependence on the success of the past may avail you the lack of abilities and a renewed mindset to make a bigger success in the future. The overall strength and focus, employed to achieve such feat in the past should be doubled if one has the urge to make greater success. Debunk all thoughts of fear. That you didn’t get an A in that course last semester doesn’t mean if you work harder, you won’t get Ace all courses this year. The fact that you come from whatever humble family background should not deter you from hitting that nearly impossible benchmark – it should even be your strength.

Identifying your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats early enough also gives room for more courage when challenges arise. This can be done by proper prior preparation. A story was told of a boy who had a phobia for heights but would love to be a pilot. He knew he’d someday need to fly airplanes and the lives of hundreds of beautiful people would be in his hands so he desperately sought for what to do. Every day when he got up, he’d find his way to the attic and for a while keep his breathing in check as he glares at the ground, outside the window. It soon became a habit and ofttimes he’d even sleep in the attic. He did the jump rope, hurdled over what he could as oft as possible, visited the park and opted for the rollercoaster and sometimes climbs to the top of a tree and hangs on it, close his eyes and let go. “Not so bad”, he’d think to himself with a racing heart, well, not until one day, he was caught in a fire accident and had to choose between jumping down the building, into the firemen’s blanket or getting toasted by the fire. “That is the ground right there. It’s just my eye’s that’s making it far!” he cried to himself. He closed his eyes and remembered all he did and yelled out to his crying parents “I’m not scared, I just hate the breeze”. Some of the men down laughed and with that, he braced up and leapt out the window of the building. Today, he’s a pilot and is happily married

Fear is that darkness that limits our vision. Irrespective of how adept we are or proficiency is limited if we chose not to overcome our fears. We would fail to see the light, the path that should be taken and the ones to be avoided. It seeps deep into our subconscious and convicts our inner man of the possibilities of failure, instead of the opportunities of successes. Even when all hopes are strained and there seems to be no way, instead of convincing ourselves that we would forge ahead and make a way out of the little we have, Fear, the darkness welling up in our minds obstructs our foresight to proper preparation to achieve our goals. Darkness, the truest darkness is not the absence of light, it is the conviction that the light would never return, but the light always returns to show us familiar things – Our Strengths, Family, Opportunities or things entirely new or long overlooked. It shows us new possibilities and challenges us to pursue them. Darkness swallows our hopes. If we don’t look far enough into ourselves, we might live a life of limitations, a life that is but a fragment of what we should actually be living. Eliminate that spirit of fear and face that situation squarely. Yes, it may cost you to stress like hell sometimes but then, what’s gold without fire?

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