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Review Of ‘The Witcher’, Do Not Believe The Hype!

Netflix aired the 8-episode thriller of The Witcher on December 20th,2019. An action, adventure and drama series with Henry Cavil as the lead actor (popular from the franchise JUSTICE LEAGUE as SUPERMAN).

On the day of the release, the series was accepted worldwide by many and was tagged ‘Must Watch’ among the TV Series community. After all the hype of the series across all social media platforms I decided to watch the series, I ended the final episode of the series in utter boredom, confusion and disappointment. Someone on twitter tagged it ‘a low budget Game of Thrones’.

The series is filled with a complex time paradox that is difficult to follow & understand sometimes. They took us on a journey from past to present to present-future without any time-stamp to indicate the transition. One scene you are in 2020, next scene 2009 without any proper indication. Until the end of an episode before one can grasp the different time changes and eventually understand the story.

The main character ‘Geralt of Rivia’ (Henry Cavil) had an awesome performance, With the growth of the character which is very effective. I enjoyed his bruting but heroic expressions and the fight scenes were top notch, very believable and realistic.

The most interesting character was ‘Yennifer’. The growth of her character from a defective human half elf, moved to be a beautiful witch, as the decades pass, she became one of the most powerful witches amongst her peers. Her search for a child in the latter stage of the series took her close to ‘Geralt of Rivia’.  The blend of both characters is actually what I enjoyed most in the series.

Another character of importance is ‘Ciri’. A princess who lost her kingdom and then went on a journey to join up with ‘The Witcher’ who owns her due to the tradition of ‘Law of Surprise’ (When you see the series, you will understand). Her, The Witcher, and Yennefer will all be a crucial piece in season 2 with an impending war already at their door steps.

The series all in all was actually boring except for a few intense scenes across the episode. But the ending was set perfectly with season 2 looking to be much more interesting. With all the scenes set at the past already completed, the next season should be in the present scenes with little throwback scenes as all the major character blended at the end of the season.

Season 2 has a huge potential if the writers do a good job and give us an amazing series. I recommend you to watch but lower your expectations to the barest minimum to be able to enjoy it more.

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