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Why Grayson Boucher A.K.A “The Professor” is not in the NBA

To play in the NBA, one has to be healthy, skilled, and fit on an active roster to bag a contract, on any team. The NBA League has about 450 spots that involve intense competition throughout the season. To be able to cope in a season, one has to be mentally and physically ready for each of the games in the league.

“The Professor” has a very swift ball handling and is no doubt, a good player, but can his body and mind handle the stress? Even the best street baller may not be able to fully handle an opportunity if granted to him by the NBA.
Take for example Harold Miner who was also called ‘baby Jordan’. He wore the no 23, could dunk at will, and even won 2 NBA Dunk contest like Michael Jordan but couldn’t continue with the Miami Heats team when they gave him a bigger contract.

The Professor played college basketball and got as far as he could by making a living off his fame in basketball, and is even a worldwide brand, recognized in many countries! That’s something great if you ask me.
NBA players like LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo sculptured themselves with the help of extreme determination and individuals who saw the talents in them. They went through a lot of hard times and fought their way through all competitions to the top. They have the body build, and the mental from stability to keep them from wearing out.

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