GOD CALLING is a movie I watched just yesterday which I fell in love with and I would like to share few things from the movie since it’s full of great and amazing lessons I believe will help humanity and you in particular. I suggest you also take a look and see those things I didn’t see. Note: looking is different from seeing. By the way,this is no sponsored ad for them but the lessons embedded in the movie thrills me.

God’s Call is something we, as humans never want to answer anytime any day, and if you ask many Pastors today, most of them will tell you how they dodged God’s call for so long before God eventually got their attention. In most cases, they’ve lost something to disobedience. But right there, God’s voicemail comes in:

“Amen somebody. See, brethren, I don’t know about you. But I can feel the Spirit of God in the House here today. So, I just…i just want you all to take a moment….just take one moment, and listen…can you hear that? Listen, to God calling. Now do you know brothers and sisters that God is calling every one of us? Every single one of us. That there is a purpose for which we are here in this world. And He wants us to know what it is. But only if we listen.

Most times, it is when you’re at your lowest when you think, things couldn’t get any worse. That’s when He says to you, My Son, My Daughter, I need you. So, what’s it gonna be? Are you ready to say like all the men and women in the Holy book, look into the eye of the storm, and say, here I am Lord, send me? Madam, God is calling you. Yes, you. He’s calling you. So, brethren are you ready to listen to God? Are you ready to take that bold step?”

And then we go on thinking, it’s all about money, God only cares about what we can give. We forget that all that we have and ever hope to be, we owe it all to Him. We limit our existence to now (the present) and not what destiny holds for us in God. What we can become in God. Many times we give to humans; like wife giving credit to her husband for being caring forgetting that “It’s not him but Him”. At times, “I grew up” is what someone could say but you don’t grow up outside God and remain in Him, you grow up in Him to stay with Him.

As God seeks our attention, He tends to take away all our distractions because He is a jealous God. And you can’t serve two masters at the same time; you will either love one and despise the other. And because God can’t share His throne with anything, the struggle begins. And that moment seems like the darkest and down moments of our lives. But, in those times God’s voicemail comes in again; “God is calling you”.

Then we fight the medium as to fighting the source and struggle even harder as we come to our wilt end because, God will then start Calling directly. But, in all of these, nothing makes sense anymore. We see things and think about things. At times, we walk in the wilderness at the same time walk on the street where lots of traffics are. We go crazy looking for what is not lost and the most painful part; nobody believes you because of your past.

Meanwhile, in all of these, we can only think of one solution; Suicide! Even in that process, God still Calls. And we go on like Gideon, “If you really want to talk to me, save me”. And at that moment, we release all to Him even without knowing it. And because He truly wants to talk to us, He saves us.

And that stage a new episode of the drama.

You now get it right but no one wants to believe you, even now. You tell them what you see and what God really wants to do with your life but this is what you get, they call you “Abraham, let’s look at a map because there are no more nations to be built. But, it’s still as none If you’re gonna get one. Or you think you’re just gonna walk into some country and they’re gonna make you their mother?” It then got crazier, even your own don’t trust you anymore because, they don’t understand you. They say, “Don’t tell me, tell God!”

And then, we begin to look for answers; asking the question “HOW?”, but this is what we get through another prepared voicemail but this time, interactive; “That is not your job. That’s His. All you have to do is, obey and nothing more.” And then we go on; “Why can’t He just tell me exactly what He wants me to do? But, That is what faith is. Saying yes without we why or how, sometimes, what.

You are perfect now, and all these things that you’re struggling so hard to hold onto in this life, you won’t be needing them anymore. You’re living a new life now. And believe me, that’s cool. I’m not ready. Then Prepare. The Bible? Yeah. This book will be your manual for life. Every mission, every battle, every obstacle, someone in this book has faced. Trust Him. God bless you.”‘ That’s all!

And restoration begins! Your life begins to settle crucial matters around you. You start building homes instead of digging out their foundation. You are bold enough to talk to God about your friends because you are sure He hears you. Your friends can see the light and also believe. Their home stands again.

Even then, people may want to distract you and give you something in exchange as a little god for you to serve only to distract you from the major assignment God wants you to do. But when you wait for God, you see the need for your assignment, and a miracle happens.

You return the mammon. Giving your total authority to God never to be handled by substituted people. Then you “allow the man upstairs do His Job”. You realize that you’re starting your life all over again and that “Every act of kindness matters.” People around you come to see God for themselves. They come to the understanding that God listens and weeps when we don’t get what we want even when we pray so fervently because we never see things the way He does. “But there is a purpose for everything”. Realizing that everything they’ve been allowed to gather for years is just for you to fulfill God’s calling upon your life. With this revelation comes permanent healing, coming to the point of surrendering even on their knees.

And now! Distraction is gone, divine visitation (“Peace be with you”), lost possession (“something you might need again”) restored. Then, we wonder; “It’s funny how something so powerless, could’ve had so much power over me”. And say to ourselves; “Never again”. Relationships restored, there’s happiness, commission through prayers and we go on answering God’s Call with the whole of our hearts.

With this assurance:

‘”All power is given onto me in heaven and on earth, go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost”, teaching them to observe all that I’ve commanded you, and lo, I am with you till the end of the age. Amen.’ Matthew 28:18-20.

Like I said earlier, I’d like you to take a look at the movie if you’re able to lay your hands on it.

Thank you so much for reading. I’d love to receive your comments and observations. God bless you.

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