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Growing in Difficult Situations

Growing in difficult situations

Growth is inevitable. It’s a process that can never stop. You can either be growing up or Growing down. And since the world is moving, immediately you stop growing up, you will discover that you’re lagging. It is important for you to know that, as different crops require different soil to grow to their full potential, so also are humans. We need a favorable place to grow, you would agree with me. But, we don’t get that all the time, and not everybody gets the opportunity to grow to their full potential. Since we don’t get to pick where we are planted before we were given birth to. Growing in difficult situations is easier said than done.

No excuse

Your background or your location should not be a determining factor in your growth. The fascinating part is, you have no excuse whatsoever not to be who you’re supposed to be. You have to take advantage of every of your challenge and make something outstanding out of it. You are stronger than you can ever imagine. There is a lot of strength deep down inside you. Tell yourself every day that you can do it. You have the strength to grow and prosper in your land.

You’re not others

That people have failed around you doesn’t mean you will also fail. You can rewrite that story. Yes, you can change things around you. You can become an encouragement for others to believe in themselves. That they can also make it and strive to succeed in life. Nations are waiting for you to grow in that kind of situation for them to get morale and grow too. A man I respect once said something like; Your failure ends with you, but your success starts successes in others. When someone wins, others get morale.

Never stop growing

You’d also agree with me that each of us will someday, somehow face the giant of our life by mistakenly get on the wrong soil. But, should we because of that stop growing? Should we because life is not fair and stops pumping out our potentials? No! That you find yourself in the wrong soil should not make you stop growing. Your growth should not be determined based on things surrounding you. Consider Joseph, Daniel, Moses, and even YOU! You didn’t give up, that’s why you’re reading this post right now. When your head showed or your leg as the case may be in the process of given birth to you. Your Mother didn’t give up on you neither did you give up on yourself while crawling and trying to walk. So, don’t stop growing.

Don’t criticize others for not growing

I know as humans, we tend to perform well when things are going on well with us. When academics are going on fine. Businesses blooming. Children performing excellently. Promotion in due time and so on. But, immediately we face a little challenge, we are left unbalanced. Many people at this stage of growth stopped growing.
And because I know this, I won’t blame you for not growing right now. It is easy to grow and take ground when things are going smoothly and you have enough water getting to you from time to time. So, if things seem to be going well with you and you see people who things aren’t going well with, it’s not for you to start blaming them and saying they’ve lived a wasted life. It’s time for you to thank God for your life and help them because we don’t get to choose our lives before we are planted where we are.

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