I don’t know if you’ve ever given thought to the name you bear. I mean you go like “Why do I bear this name?”
What good has my name done for me? and “what good have I done for this name that I bear?”

You probably know already that the name of a man is his IDENTITY.
So, your name makes you identifiable. Not only does your name identifies you, It also defines you, gives you personality that people can describe you with. For instance, when someone asks others about you, these people comes up with different opinions about who they think you are. Whether you love what they say or not, some of these opinions are likely to be true! Your name is like a badge! People hear it and probably hiss or brings discomfort, they can hear it and happiness is written all over them!. When you hear Mother Theresa, what comes to mind?? You’ll go “she’s a great person, full of love and so so so…..” Nothing is as strong as a Name.
A name can make way or cause you a barrier!
A name stays with a man when nothing else is and when nobody is.
A man may die, but his name will live on for ages. History books will keep this man alive in the heart of people! Why? The name will be known, either for a man’s greatness or his downfall. It’s all about how he wore/carry his name.

In all these, here is what I discovered.

Only a few people in this age has done a great deal for their name. Some just wanna be rich and live well, it doesn’t matter to them if their name is registered in the heart of people or not. Still, we have those whose name commands respect effortlessly.
It’s time you stop sitting around
in the “I-wish-to-be-like-Mother Theresa (that’s me, insert yours) ” mantra. It’s good to wanna be like “that someone” but it becomes unhealthy when you give no energy into building for your Name a history. You wouldn’t even wish to be like them if they had only been wishing to be who they are.
[bctt tweet=”Make it a deal to build a History for the name you bear because history is gonna be there when you’re not. Don’t just build an empire, build a strong name.” username=”conversehouse”]
Don’t just build an empire, build a strong name.


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