Are you simply a procrastinator or have you become inconsistent? I asked myself this question so much that my second post here just had to be on these.
I love to write, but as much as I do, being consistent in intentional writing has not been something easy for me. Initially I was going to post weekly but when the week passed by I pushed it to the next, hence posting now.
I know the word ‘consistency’ and ‘procrastination’ rings a bell but allow me to share one of their definitions with you.

Consistency – Reliability or uniformity; the quality of being consistent. Consistent meaning :regularly occuring, dependable nature.
Procrastination- The act of postponing, delaying or putting off, especially habitually or intentionally.

After checking out the words, even as I write I kept pondering on which one was my biggest problem. Usually most people like me do not get things done because we push back on when do it sometimes. It doesn’t really mean we are full blown procrastinators, but when this begins to happen even when promises have been made and there are expectations, then we are inconsistent. I for one have lost certain opportunities because of this.

If we habitually push things back with the idea that there would be enough time to do it later, then I think it’s better to set even very unreasonable deadlines for ourselves. Now If setting deadlines would not put pressure on you, then it’s advisable to get someone ‘who can check you’ on your habit. Being inconsistent is not a good habit. It reduces the level of trust that can be placed on us. I do not mean to be rude in this but my experience with inconsistency has been with mostly my local fashion designers. I give them a time when I want to come for my cloth and on that day, they’re either not done with it or have not even started. So when dealing with them, I set an unreasonable target and tell them I need the cloth before a particular day. The usual disappointment is there but atleast this doesn’t happen on the day I need the cloth.

Another way to stop inconsistency is to stop procrastination. Even if you have a two month grace for a project that can be finished in a day, then do it early. A lot of us crash work( we try to do everything in a day), but this is not a good idea as it pressurizes us unnecessarily. Try as much as possible to do right by yourself at the right time, so as not to live in regret.

Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. It might look or sound difficult stopping procrastination and being consistent, but starting from as little things as putting your shoes, jackets, bags at the right place and in the right condition after using them would help.

Some strong words are associated with consistency. If you are consistent, you would be found to be reliable, credible and would have a sense of integrity. Positivity and peace of mind comes with consistency, therefore try as much as possible to be consistent.

Having said all these, please share with me in the comment section how this topic relates to you; if you’ve ever fallen into this and how you overcame or intend to.♥️♥️♥️

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