Love is a word that can shake the whole world and gives power to the powerless. Love can make a fool out of a person or turns someone into a genius. Though it can be diluted, it is best enjoyed in its purest form. Love cannot be overcome by evil. Love has proved itself to be unquenchable due to its long viability. To some people; It is just an Affection, while to some, it goes beyond an affection, IT IS THEIR LIFE. Love in its undiluted state can be so interesting and drawing. It gives life to bones and refreshing to the soul. Love goes beyond the language of skin color. Love is what makes you fly even when you can’t walk. Love is not getting your selfish desires granted; it is about sacrificing your desires.
I will like to talk about love in its two forms:


Talking about Love as a “Verb”, what do I mean? Love as a verb goes beyond saying; I Love you! But what you do, not necessarily before that statement but, after that statement. What do I mean? As you know that Verb is an action word. Therefore, when you tell someone, I LOVE you, you are metaphorically saying, “I CAN DO ANYTHING FOR you!

In order words, you are saying, because I Love you, I can do anything for you. Love goes beyond kissing, smooching, having sex, and so on. Love is commitment, holiness, faithfulness, fidelity, truthfulness, trustworthiness, openness, perseverance, to mention but a few of the good intentions of Love. Love is what keeps you going even when you are not sure of what the future holds. It is the effrontery to face the outcome or the consequences if only you have that person beside you. Love is the Life you both share.


We all know Noun is a naming word. I will be explaining Love as that person whom you love. In this sense, I will be talking about what I call “Two WH’s form of love”. The WHO and The WHAT (#pshine).

Many times, we set goals for ourselves concerning WHO we want to love. Sexy, figure eight, fat, slim, handsome, beautiful, six-packs, tall, short, complexion, and so on.


It is the makeup of that person. Calm, lousy, hot-tempered, gentle, quiet (that could be deadly), funny, reckless, lazy, hardworking, etc. Many go to the extent of sending people who come their way away just because they don’t fit in into the list they’ve made. Am I saying you should go for just anything? Of course not! But, we should not allow our WHO or WHAT to consume us so much to the point of destroying us.

Love is what says; “Notwithstanding the outcome, I will stick to you. Love is making sacrifices for the people you claim you can’t live without. The purest love is that which God has shown us through the sacrifice of His son.
You can also love in the purest form. Love is not hard to come by. Just open your heart, with your head at alert.

Stay safe and blessed.
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Much love.💓

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  • August 19, 2020

    This is very profound! I love the part of love being an action. Kudos!

    • August 19, 2020

      Thank you so much, Ade. Life is worth living when you live it in Love.


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