Have you ever seen something done and believe outrightly that you can do it because you Know all the procedure(steps) and precautions by heart? So did you try it? Did you do it perfectly the first time? Did the experience leave you humble? Well mine did.

In a sketchy story, I fell into the same situation at work. I knew the theoretical aspect of the use of the sphygmomanometer(an instrument for measuring blood pressure) and of course, I have been good in practical work for as long as I can remember so, my ego was high until I tried the first, second and third time and couldn’t get it right. I was supposed to hear sounds but I was hearing nothing. I think you can second guess what I was trying to do. Yes, I was trying to take a blood pressure reading.

I felt so ashamed of myself and being the type of person that I am, I began to imagine how the person who gave me the chance to prove myself would feel. I felt bad but I decided that I would be brave and never give up. I told myself I would still keep trying until I get it so I became more intentional with watching and trying out the procedure. You see baby steps are always allowed. It is when you remain in the position for too long that it becomes a problem.

Back to my story, I was however grateful that I didn’t brag that I could do it when I was asked, that would have been an epic failure if I was caught in a lie. I learnt afresh to be humble. Learn, allow yourself to be taught. Don’t assume you know what you’re doing when someone who is good at it is available to guide you. Additionally, never give up. Keep trying, keep working at what you’re doing, be diligent, strive on, till you get what you want.

P.s: If you are perfect with the sphyg, please don’t laugh at me when you read this, everyone has a growth story and very soon I will tell you the story of how I finally got it!


P.s: From the date above, you can tell that I wrote this a few weeks ago but today, I can confidently tell you that I, can take the reading now. Biko clap for me😜✌️

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  • August 19, 2020

    Thank you for the reminder Shine and I’m clapping for you!


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