Me and my Thoughts

It is no longer new to us that our thoughts are what shape our lives. They can either make you or mar you. Most times people focus on what these thoughts can do in one’s life outwardly, more than the harms and benefits they do to our minds.

Well, for me there’s been times, and still some times I feel buried in my thoughts both the good ones and the bad. As documented by researchers, human minds have millions of thoughts flowing through them. But, not all of them are circumspectly treated. Only those we take our time to think or ruminate on are probably of most importance to us at that time.

I’ve discovered that your thoughts can limit you to a spot and give you the mentality that drives your life in a difficult direction. Also, your thoughts can set you on a platform of destiny, where your dreams and aspiration come true. I’ve also discovered that your thoughts have no power over you. You have the thoughts, they are yours. You can either give them a breeding room in your life or cut them off. We are in charge and not our thoughts. The earlier we get that the better.

Thoughts are not actually designed to be the ones controlling us but rather to serve as a proactive tool for us. They give us hints of what our future would look like if we act in a discrete way.

English Dictionary defines Thought to be a “Form created in the mind, rather than the forms perceived through the five senses; an instance of thinking. A way of thinking.” Did you see that? Just a way of thinking not The way of thinking. You need to understand that very well.

Therefore, check yourself, as I also need to check myself. What are my thoughts? Cos, the products of your life are as a result of your thoughts and the action you’re taking on them. Your thoughts can never become your reality if you don’t give them the rudder to your life.
You should also note that your thoughts can become your mistakes and can also become your blessings. That is why you must channel them aright.

Furthermore, you have to submit your thoughts to God. The One who created you. Know what He’s saying about you and not just what situations around you are saying. What has He written concerning you? Knowing this will make you be in charge of your thoughts and not the other way round.

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  • August 31, 2020

    I love the point of owning my thoughts and not letting them control me. Thanks Victor!

  • August 31, 2020

    My pleasure Ade… Thank you so much.


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