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I don’t know how I became this unconcerned. Things that do bother me are no longer my points of interest. I checked my desires’ lists and all I could see are things about myself. In my quest for survival, I’ve lost my sense of humor. I want this, I want that. All about Me and I. Interestingly, the first word in this sentence is “I”. But, is that how life suppose to be? Should life be this selfish as to how we live and strive?

It may not be a popular path and belief yet, I will tread it. I may not be getting the so-called fast result as my colleagues and counterparts but the process is more important.

Selflessness is a Path that is not popular in our contemporary world. The order of the day is how can I get my share? But, for as many that have submitted themselves to the process and dealings of Selflessness are known for its fruits of unhidden success all over the world. They are not hidden because they have been made through the furnace of selfishness. And as gold shines and glitters, people can’t but spend lots to listen to them. That’s a reward worth fighting for.

This Path may seem obsolete but it’s absolute. Yes, I know not many people are treading this Path but, it worth taking. You may not see your friends treading it but, still tread it. You may not see your leaders treading the path but, instead of complaining and lamenting how bad they never give it a try, you should try it.

Well, it’s not too late. It’s never too late to start living again for the right cause. The door is still opened leading to the old righteous way. Therefore, don’t give up just yet. Stir further till the dough is smooth. I challenge you to stir further. Let the change you so much desire in people start from you. Let your little arms be raised to ease the struggle of men.

Humanity is in great agony looking for those that will tread the path that seems obsolete and save her. The path that not many are treading because it purges all selfishness and personal gains. Your little arms can do more than enough in easing humanity of its pains. You are the one your generation is waiting for.

I believe that, with God helping you and your determination not to give up, you will see the future you so much desire coming true. God bless you.

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Comments to: The Old Paths
  • October 19, 2020

    It’s so easy to become self absorbed in this world we live in, always about “me, myself and I” so thank you for this reminder Victor.


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