Blogmas  – 12/4/2020

December is here and so is blogmas! It’s definitely being one heck of a year so to round it all up on a lighter note, I’ll be posting a quick read for you each day up until Christmas and maybe after? we’ll see! Blogmas is usually centered around Christmas but I’ll be doing a wide variety of topics and then try to incorporate some festive contents as well. I’m excited and hope you enjoy them!

Enough talk, let’s dive right into the subject for today…

Do your best

Do you ever wish you could detach from yourself for a minute to see how others see you? You ever wish  you could meet you but from an outsider’s perspective? With questions like do they think you’re as kind as you think you are? perhaps you’re not as funny as you thought you were?  What do people really think of you?

Okay, these are random scenarios that pop in my head often but as cool (or maybe not) as that would be for you to literally meet you, in as much as we might want this sometimes, it’s obviously impossible and thankfully so. We can’t control how others see us but what we do have under our control is how we present ourselves to others. We can only do our best by putting our best foot forward each time and hope it’s received well. Don’t stress so much about what other people think of you, of what you do or don’t do.

This applies to pretty much everything in life, focus on what is in your control rather than worrying about what isn’t. Like the age old saying, do your best and leave the rest. I hope you can genuinely have peace about whatever actions you take knowing you truly did your best as regards what was in your control.


Thank you for reading. Do comment below topics you’d like me to write about on this blogmas series! Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Comments to: Do your best
  • December 4, 2020

    It’s actually impossible to really please all, infact you’ll die trying! So yes to putting your best foot forward hoping to be received well… Thank you sweet Dammy💓

    • December 4, 2020

      That is so true! Thank you for reading sweet sis❤

  • December 4, 2020

    This is superb Ade.
    I hope we can all be sincere to ourselves, knowing what we can control and letting go of what we can’t. It will make a great deal of difference in our lives.
    Well done.

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