In life, at every point in time, we’re in either one or more of different seasons or transitioning from one to another. Sometimes it feels good, other times it doesn’t, but know for a fact, none is inevitable. Life will take its course but  you decide how you want to react to it. The seasons come and go so take from it what you may.

So what is life?

To love and be loved

To give and to take

To cry and to laugh

To lose and to gain

To learn and to teach

To wait and to act

To lead and to follow

To listen and to talk

To grow and to harvest

To work and to rest

To live and to die

Regardless of whatever season you’re in right now. Enjoy it because change is constant so weather bad or good, it won’t last forever. Hope this brings you hope if you’re in a not so good one right now.

Love ❤

Any thoughts? You know your comments are always welcome!
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Comments to: Seasons
  • December 8, 2020

    Hmm….seasons are processed in time. No season is for ever. Good or bad.
    Thank you, Ade.


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