Don’t expect anything to happen if you do nothing.

That’s right. Do something. If you don’t consciously take action, nothing is going to happen. Yes, this is simply common sense but at the same time, a truth that is often neglected. This principle is seen in all phases of life. Even Newton’s first law of motion in Physics teaches us, an object is in state of constant motion or rest unless being acted on by an external object. It’s that simple and exactly the same with your life. Nothing will happen until you take action to make it happen.

There is so much more you can do, so much you are capable of but truth is, all of that will remain hidden inside of you if don’t consciously dig them out and put them to use. How? try different things! do a little bit of everything till you find what works for you. There is so much to do, so much you can do and so many resources to help. Almost doesn’t kill a bird, likewise, it’s not about wanting to do something, it’s taking intentional steps to actually get it done.

So here’s you reminder today. Stop wishing, start doing.  Cheers, you got this!
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