The What?

Christmas is many things in our world today. A time to spend with family and friends, a time to give and exchange gifts, a time to decorate, a time to eat and be merry, or maybe a time to reflect on another year almost gone.

The Reason?

Regardless of what Christmas means to you, the one true reason for Christmas is Christ. A time to reflect and celebrate that Christ the Savior was born here on Earth. He didn’t have to be born but he chose to, for you and for me.  Many years ago, before you were even born, Christ chose to be proactive in reconciling your relationship with God by choosing to be born.

How ironic that our Christmas today looks nothing like the situation was when Christ was born. Born in a lowly manger, as opposed to the warm, cozy house we celebrate ours, surrounded by the stench of goats and sheep, not the sweet smell of the Christmas cookies baking or the the meal steaming in the kitchen.

So even as you hopefully enjoy your Christmas with all the good things and people around you, I implore you to take time out to reflect on the true meaning for the season, to really appreciate Christ’s birth and if you do not have any sort of relationship with Him yet, maybe take time to truly see what that would look like for you. It’s as simple as asking Him to reveal Himself to you and trust me, He will.

Have a Merry Christmas lovelies!
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