Change is not exactly fun all the time but then it is inevitable and afterall, the only one constant thing in life. We’re scared of change because a lot of times, it pushes us out of our comfort zone but this is always needed for growth. Change needs not necessarily be a bad thing but regardless, adjusting to changes can be hard. I’m graduating from college in a few days and here are some tips I’ve found helpful in preparing for the huge transition I know it will bring.

  1. Celebrate the end of one phase: Nothing lasts forever, fortunately or unfortunately, it evolves, changes or even stops but at the end of the day, some change still occurs and nothing lasts forever. So regardless of what the change is, celebrate the end and find joy in all good times you had in it.
  2. Allow yourself grieve the old phase:  sometimes change sucks. Like moving out of a house you’ve lived in for most of your life, changing schools and leaving old friends or like my current situation, graduating and parting ways with people you saw almost every week for the past few years. Allow yourself to grieve the end, it’s okay to cry if you want to, it’s okay to be sad about it. Acknowledge your feelings and move on.
  3. Celebrate the start of the new phase: change not only signifies the end of a phase but obviously the start of another so celebrate that! Embrace the new beginning and give it all you’ve got.
  4. Be intentional : be intentional about everything involved in the process. Intentional about the goodbyes, about staying in touch, about the next step. Be intentional about everything. Don’t isolate yourself. Find a new community if you’d be separated from the old.

Thank you for reading! Hope you find this helpful to whatever type of transition you’re in right now or comes your way later. Feel free to add some more helpful tips as well. I’d for sure be reading them!
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