What defines strength in an individual?
What really makes one strong?
The number of traumatic experiences we have been through?
Or the ones we have been able to bounce back from?
Perhaps, it is the long list of terminal illnesses we have had to deal with?
Or maybe the ones we still struggle with?
Then, could it also be how often we have had our heart broken?
Or how frequently we have been abused?

I only recently discovered that the world defines strength, based on how terrible our bad experiences have been. While this is not entirely wrong, it is a very bias judgment, because it brings about comparisons.

Does it mean one who has had a happy childhood, with zero abuse experience is weak?
Or does it mean one who has to struggle through academic failure is less stronger than I who has had to walk through a rape experience?
Of course not!

What exactly makes us strong?
I pondered on this for a long time, because I was tired of having people constantly tell me “you went through that, so you’ll survive this” They feel like the current experience, is a piece of cake compared to my horrid past, and while this sounds like an encouragement, it is heartbreaking because every experience is entirely different!

And so I realized that strength comes from the discovery of purpose, your identity in Christ. Knowing whose you are and the kingdom to which you belong! This!!!! This!!! Is what births the strength to fight!
To put in the extra hours of study to get your grades up
To walk into therapy and relive the experience you’d rather have buried
To love and love and love again despite how many times you have been left broken
To constantly give even when you have had so much taken from you
To wear a smile, not because you are trying to hide what you are going through, but because you want to spread happiness despite what you are going through.

On the days when we just want to cry our eyes out, hide from the world and be left alone, we still dig deep! Drawing strength and life from within!
Knowing we have been created for a purpose and choosing to run with this purpose, despite all of the obstacle there is, is us being strong!

So you got this! Because God’s got you!
When it feels like nothing is worth fighting for, and I mean nothing at all, then cry, hide if you have to, but never loose sight of whose you are and the kingdom to which you belong!

Here is to many more years of exercising strength, and fulfilling Purpose against all odds!

Between, I had my hair coloured so I get to look like the “Pepper” everyone calls me. LOL

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  • May 10, 2021

    Thank you for this powerful reminder on what strength truly means. Btw I love your hair!


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