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How to develop a growth mindset

Have you ever found something that was good for you but didn’t know how to get it? In my last post, I talked about what growth mindset is and how that impacted me, check it out I can draw! Now that you know what a growth mindset is, the question is how do you develop one? Here are a few tips you can implement to build a growth mindset:

1. Change your perspective on failure

One of the major difference between one who has a fixed mindset and one who has a growth mindset is how they view failure. To develop a growth mindset, see failure as an opportunity to try again, whether at the same thing or at something different, just don’t stop. Allow yourself to fail. Failure is not a stopping point but a time to reevaluate, restrategize and try again.

2. Value efforts over results

“Ultimately, it’s not what you get or even what you give but who you become”- Mary Gates. It’s not just about the end result of being but the process of becoming. Understanding that the efforts you put into an activity is valuable and it should and would encourage you to keep going or even try again  if it does not work out.

3. Embrace challenges

See challenges as opportunities to grow. Don’t be scared to try something new and outside of your comfort zone. A growth mindset embraces challenges and literally grows from them.

4. Be realistic

It’s okay to admit your inability or lack of skill in a particular area at a specific point in time. However, that’s not where it ends, be real with yourself about the dedication and efforts you would need in order to master the skill at the end of the day. Be patient with your journey.

5. Tend to your own grass

Never forget the grass is greener where you water it. Rather than wishing to have what other people have, find ways to learn from their stories and apply the lessons to yours. They say experience is the best teacher after all but really, it need not be just yours. Learn from other people and rather than being envy of their own success, water your own grass.

As cliche as it sounds, truth is, you CAN do whatever you want. You just have to be willing and ready to work for it. I’m rooting for you!

Thank you for reading! Which tip would you like to implement moving forward? Got any more to share? Comment below!

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  • July 9, 2021

    Thank you so much Are for this mind changing post. Tip number 5 reminded me of a meeting I had yesterday listening to Myles Moreo saying: “I was born original, I should not live other people’s mediocrity.” My field can be greener if I’d be committed to watering it.


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