A Unique Being

An extraordinary Being
Created with all beauty and majesty
A model of splendor and fragrance
A special Design designed by The Great Designer
A perfect formula formulated with all wisdom by The Almighty Formulator
Created to bring forth other creatures
An epitome of beauty and strength
Complex yet give duplex advice

She manages her territories with all wisdom
She fights for her youngs from day one of their conceptions till the end of her life
She is a fighter
She releases her body to be reconfigured just to birth forth new life
She is a producer by nature
Her hormones are synthesized just so others could benefit
She is a benefactress

She sacrifices far more than the benefits she gets
She puts others first
She loses blood at least 3 days a month and 36 days a year
She loses her life to gain lives
How many days do you think she’d lost blood all her life just because she’s a WOMAN?
She changes her name and identity just to fit into her space
She is a conformer
She grows her hair enduring pains of combing since it’s her beauty and glory
How could you inflict more pain on her?

She is a WOMAN therefore she deserves respect, not disdain
She deserves love not abuse
She deserves Joy all her life, not bitterness
She modifies sperm and gives a human being
She has to go through all the nipple bites by her own birthed young for months
How could you still bite and beat her?
She’s a WOMAN, not an animal
She may be meek but not weak
She may not be always useful for you but she’s not useless
She puts up with situations but that doesn’t turn her into a punching bag
She is a WOMAN!
Treat her as THE QUEEN that she is!

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