So, I am always very happy when someone promises to give me a gift(s). It elevates me and leaves me looking forward to receiving that package.

Though not all are substantial which could at times bring disappointment or sadness due to the investment of trust vested in the person making the promise.

Different Kinds of Gifts
There are different kinds of gifts which could be gifts of kindness, gifts of words, gifts of love, gifts of time, gifts of material things, gifts of relationship (friends and family), but not all receive a solid compliment especially when it is not given with a genuine heart.

People make gifts to suit different occasions, however, no gift can suit the preciousness of a heart. In other words, a precious heart can not be bought with gifts, only that, it can change it. A quick notice here; is your heart precious to you, then don’t sell it cheap! Because you may have to pay double to get it back.

What’s the best Gift and who gives it?

Yes! The greatest gift to humankind is Jesus Christ and He was given by God. But, that’s not the gift I want to talk to you about. The kind of gift I will be talking about is the kind you give to YOURSELF!

How many of us have learned to gift ourselves? For a job well done, for a contract won, for a bad habit abandoned, for finishing a book, for overcoming sin, for finishing a course, for receiving a YES from a lady (the one you want to marry though), and so on.

Most times, we look forward to receiving gifts from people when we achieve all the above mentioned without thinking we could do that ourselves.

My Pastor would always tell us to ‘celebrate little victory’ because if you don’t do that, you won’t learn to celebrate greater ones. And that, you can only celebrate by yourself and for yourself.

Don’t assume anybody owes you any compliment, if you do that you are only jettisoning your happiness.

Permit me ask you these questions; When last did you buy yourself something special to celebrate your achievement even though the achievement seems little? When last did you take yourself out on a date? When last did you look yourself in the mirror and lash yourself with words full of awesome and pleasant gifts?

The truth is, waiting for people to do that for you, could keep you waiting really, but you can give yourself, those gifts you’ve been looking to people for.

So, What will you gift yourself in the next two weeks? Let me know in the comments box.

Wait! Don’t forget the greatest gift to mankind in Jesus Christ.

Love you and stay lifted.
Waiting for your comments.

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