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Welcome to Adulting- Your job, to love or to hate?

I read “Welcome to Adulting” by Jonathan Pokluda with Kevin McConaghy earlier this year right after graduation and it’s honestly one of the best, most helpful books I’ve ever read.

It addresses various topics like finances, friendships, dating, career and so on so I thought to share some of my best lessons from some of my fav chapters.

On career: you don’t necessarily need to love your job, let’s be real, it’s good to have a job you love but again, it’s not a requirement. Working isn’t exactly something we do because we feel like it, and it certainly shouldn’t be our sole source of fulfillment and purpose in life, we’re so much more than that. So at the end of the day, work as diligently as you can to get the expected reward but remember you’re more than that. Work to live but don’t live to work.

My fav quote from this chapter: ” There are many things about you that are, should be, more important than your job title, your job shouldn’t be an idol”.
Especially when talking about your first real job, most likely is you starting from the bottom and hopefully to the top so no sense having unrealistic expectations about that, learning this really helped let go of some unnecessary I would have put on myself since graduation and I’m so grateful for that.

I can’t emphasize how helpful this book has been and definitely recommend 10/10!
What stands out most to you in this? Would you like me to share more lessons from other chapters? Got any more tips? Lmk below!👇

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Comments to: Welcome to Adulting- Your job, to love or to hate?
  • November 26, 2021

    Thank you for the write-up, Ade!
    Of course, more lessons!

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