A very long time ago, there existed two men; one who was rich and influential and the other who was poor. They both lived in a street with their houses adjacent to each other. The rich man was well known for his big businesses and Mansion but, he was never at any point in his life associated himself with other people especially, less privileged. The other man who was poor took serious the importance of relating with people and caring for them, though he was poor. Then came this very fearful day; the house of the rich man and the house of the poor man were on fire. These two men were not at home and to everyone’s surprise, people rushed down to the house of the poor man to safe his house from burning down completely, while the house of the rich man was left uncared for and was destroyed. Thank God there was no one in the rich man’s house at the time of the incidence. This taught him a great lesson that, it’s not enough to have all the money alone, the gifts of men are also very important.

From the above story, it could be deduced how important the gifts of men are in our journey through life. A popular saying goes thus; For you to meet an important person in your life time, all you need is to know somebody that knows somebody that knows who you want to meet. Which means from where you are to where you wish to be, you need the gifts of men! For example, I can say writing this piece today is because some people took it upon themselves to ask me why it has been long I posted something on my blog (Praisevictory).

The challenge is; the people you have with you now, how well do you treat them? Is it only when you need their help or assistance in one way or the other that you know you have them? Note that, if it takes a while to reach people when you don’t see any need for them, it might also take a while for them to attend to you when you really need them. So, what is it going to be? Will you continue to wait until you need people before you get in touch with them or will you wait on them before you need them; not with the shrewd mindset to take advantage of them when the need calls for it but, because they mean a lot to you.

Interestingly, the way we treat men around us (both male and female) is the same way most of us operate with God. We apparently don’t get closed to God until we need Him. We go on with our individual businesses as though no one exists called God but, when we are faced with difficulties and challenges, we remember that we have somebody known as God. Is that what or how it should be? I believe it is not supposed to be like that.

So, this is a call to you and I. Taking people for granted because you don’t need them might also not make your request granted when you need them the most. Please, I beg you to take serious the men that God has surrounded your life with because, it is those men that will later turn to gifts that you will eventually claim to be GIFTS OF MEN!

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you are blessed and that you engage the lessons in a way to attain Victory. I love and celebrate you always.

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