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The obnoxious Buhari and Asiwaju’s choice of words

By Muhammed Taheer Abubakar

Tinubu has earned his place in Nigerian politics. He swallowed his pride and “Yoruba super ego” to vie the northern mass and elites’ partnership; it’s time to return the favor. Any form of collusion against Tinubu demonstrates ungratefulness.

No one should have the audacity to question the veracity of Tinubu’s claims. Ultimately, if it was a joke, he should have been singing it for a long time, as an empty barrel makes the loudest noise. However, pushing him to the wall until he finally purges out what he has been avoiding, demonstrates the ruling party’s callousness, and Tinubu will make it to the general election with or without their endorsement.

Tinubu is comparable to a flood; you cannot create ways for; he will create for himself. He is a natural leader. This gives us insight about each of his name tags, beginning with Ahmad, Bola, Asiwaju, and Jagaban. These were never acquired by chance; they were carefully selected and bestowed religiously and culturally to fulfill a duty, which is to lead. Putting myths aside, Tinubu has a morally-sound background, economic expertise, and mastery of Nigerian politics. accordingly  Tinubu is entitled to all of his claims. As in contrast to Peter Obi, and the Igbos’ view rotation as a duty, not a reciprocal effort, Tinubu does not; he enters your life when you need someone, demonstrates that he is the right person, assists you, and then leaves without requiring anything other than your loyalty and a promise to give whenever he requires it. The time has come for Buhari to stop these games and give the notch to Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the south.
Tinubu remained silent as a man of few words, despite the fact that Buhari knew more than anyone what Tinubu did to him to help him win the election. In return, the cabals in Abuja kept witch-hunting and ascending upon Tinubu boys until they were eliminated.

We are led to believe that Buhari fears giving Tinubu the presidency because Atiku will win. As a Muslim from the south, Tinubu differs from Atiku, a Muslim from the north. For the party’s interest Muslim-Muslim ticket seems to be a non-starter also in Nigerian politics, and the tribalistic stance and sense of “regional dominance” by northerners “the born leaders” will cause northerners to vote for Atiku over Tinubu. Yes, Atiku possesses both systemic and political advantages, but Buhari knew that if he left the ball in Tinubu’s court, Tinubu would play it well and win. Tinubu understood precisely where Abiola erred, and I see no reason why Buhari will continue to act as a systemic saboteur against tinubu’s interests. He should be forthright and state, “I desire this or that, or let the people decide,”
Does Buhari fear Tinubu? No, Nigerians do not fear Tinubu. Who, then, has fear of Tinubu? Abuja boys, the boys in Abuja, will do whatever it takes to prevent the transfer of Lagos boys to flood Abuja, and this will occur regardless of who wins the seat; none of the candidates will be yes sirs, as they are all intellectuals, economically savvy, and devoid of nonsensical people. Nobody will be as pliable as Buhari except osinbanjo whom, the cabal will want, and I hope the divines do want him as well.
The recent type of outspoken, god-like, braggadocious, and gut-talking Tinubu is all we need, at least to hunt him for comical purposes and online drags, if his agenda succumbed to the letter F.

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